Community Providers

Here’s a list of Providers written by the community:

Provider name Description URL
Airtravel Airport names, airport codes, and flights. faker_airtravel
Credit Score Fake credit score data for testing purposes faker_credit_score
Microservice Fake microservice names faker_microservice
Music Music genres, subgenres, and instruments. faker_music
Posts Fake posts in markdown format mdgen
Vehicle Fake vehicle information includes Year Make Model faker_vehicle
WebProvider Web-related data such as mime-type and web server versions. faker_web
Wi-Fi ESSID Fake Wi-Fi ESSIDs. faker_wifi_essid
Optional Wrap over other providers to return their value or None. faker_optional

If you want to add your own provider to this list, please submit a Pull Request to our repo.

In order to be inlcuded, your provider must satisfy these requirement:

  • it must have tests.
  • it must be published on PyPI.
  • it must have an OSI-Approved License.
  • it must not duplicate any functionality already present in Faker.
  • it must not contain any profanity, either in code or in documentation.
  • it must not contain any malicious nor any kind of telemetry code.