class faker.providers.profile.Provider(generator: Any)

Bases: faker.providers.BaseProvider

This provider is a collection of functions to generate personal profiles and identities.

profile(fields: Optional[List[str]] = None, sex: Optional[GenderType] = None) → Dict[str, Union[str, Tuple[decimal.Decimal, decimal.Decimal], List[str], datetime.date]]

Generates a complete profile. If “fields” is not empty, only the fields in the list will be returned

>>> Faker.seed(0)
>>> for _ in range(5):
...     fake.profile()
{'job': 'Musician', 'company': 'Williams-Sheppard', 'ssn': '498-52-4970', 'residence': 'Unit 5938 Box 2421\nDPO AP 33335', 'current_location': (Decimal('52.958961'), Decimal('143.143712')), 'blood_group': 'B+', 'website': ['http://www.rivera.com/', 'http://grimes-green.net/', 'http://www.larsen.com/'], 'username': 'leeashley', 'name': 'Gary Cross', 'sex': 'M', 'address': '711 Golden Overpass\nWest Andreaville, MA 71317', 'mail': 'tamaramorrison@hotmail.com', 'birthdate': datetime.date(1945, 11, 19)}
{'job': 'Producer, television/film/video', 'company': 'Carlson Group', 'ssn': '325-74-3967', 'residence': '09471 Erika Curve\nNorth Megan, UT 71358', 'current_location': (Decimal('15.037732'), Decimal('101.628490')), 'blood_group': 'AB+', 'website': ['http://hill.com/', 'http://wilson.com/'], 'username': 'laura56', 'name': 'Denise Thornton', 'sex': 'F', 'address': '30989 Anthony Roads\nNew Maria, MO 12498', 'mail': 'martha10@hotmail.com', 'birthdate': datetime.date(1909, 9, 5)}
{'job': 'Engineer, broadcasting (operations)', 'company': 'Robbins Group', 'ssn': '216-94-1001', 'residence': 'USS Stephens\nFPO AP 13804', 'current_location': (Decimal('-20.228286'), Decimal('-142.416727')), 'blood_group': 'B-', 'website': ['https://white-gordon.com/'], 'username': 'kmassey', 'name': 'Jeanne Green', 'sex': 'F', 'address': '22584 Candice Mills\nNorth Thomas, OK 67164', 'mail': 'deborah64@gmail.com', 'birthdate': datetime.date(1983, 1, 12)}
{'job': 'Administrator, charities/voluntary organisations', 'company': 'Harmon-Rogers', 'ssn': '047-70-4602', 'residence': '9459 Jennifer Loaf Suite 109\nLake Matthew, IN 84046', 'current_location': (Decimal('30.2954115'), Decimal('23.285134')), 'blood_group': 'O+', 'website': ['https://fletcher.com/'], 'username': 'hensontroy', 'name': 'John Hoffman', 'sex': 'M', 'address': '63812 Richard Springs Suite 503\nLake Karenhaven, CT 25464', 'mail': 'franklinjames@yahoo.com', 'birthdate': datetime.date(1944, 11, 3)}
{'job': 'Education officer, environmental', 'company': 'Alvarez Group', 'ssn': '643-11-0358', 'residence': '42851 Joshua Brook Apt. 034\nStaceyshire, AZ 98691', 'current_location': (Decimal('73.100442'), Decimal('171.844720')), 'blood_group': 'O-', 'website': ['https://thompson.com/', 'http://morgan-richardson.com/', 'https://www.nelson.org/', 'https://hays-anderson.com/'], 'username': 'turnermary', 'name': 'Timothy Parker', 'sex': 'M', 'address': '87755 Timothy Squares\nSimmonsport, WA 90561', 'mail': 'samanthasims@yahoo.com', 'birthdate': datetime.date(2016, 6, 12)}
simple_profile(sex: Optional[GenderType] = None) → Dict[str, Union[str, datetime.date, GenderType]]

Generates a basic profile with personal informations

>>> Faker.seed(0)
>>> for _ in range(5):
...     fake.simple_profile()
{'username': 'ysullivan', 'name': 'Jason Green', 'sex': 'M', 'address': '9382 Taylor Court Suite 892\nCoreyland, TX 43780', 'mail': 'wcastro@yahoo.com', 'birthdate': datetime.date(1949, 10, 8)}
{'username': 'davismary', 'name': 'Mrs. Sharon Green', 'sex': 'F', 'address': '753 Padilla Circles\nNew Jeffrey, FL 71671', 'mail': 'udavis@hotmail.com', 'birthdate': datetime.date(1973, 4, 29)}
{'username': 'lisa83', 'name': 'Doris Martinez', 'sex': 'F', 'address': 'USNV Wallace\nFPO AP 50950', 'mail': 'barbara42@gmail.com', 'birthdate': datetime.date(2018, 7, 15)}
{'username': 'daviskatherine', 'name': 'Vicki Green', 'sex': 'F', 'address': '86848 Melissa Springs\nRileymouth, TN 84543', 'mail': 'christopher91@yahoo.com', 'birthdate': datetime.date(1986, 8, 20)}
{'username': 'thorntonnathan', 'name': 'David Dennis', 'sex': 'M', 'address': '12309 Anthony Roads Apt. 991\nDavisville, PA 03336', 'mail': 'susanlopez@gmail.com', 'birthdate': datetime.date(1971, 12, 16)}